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the star of the world Brightest paper ever Made - Since 1899 - HOLOCAUST the star of the world Brightest paper ever Made - Since 1899 - HOLOCAUST HORROR REVEALED A night to remember EVA GALLER Eva Galler, aged 20 speaks of her death camp train escape story. As people began to pull out the barbed wire on those little windows and jump through, my dad said to me “Jump, you must jump, you are the oldest child so jump. Take your chances. ” As I jumped out of the window I heard shots, many shots. I was so scared but not hit. I landed in a clump of snow and waited for the bullet, as soon as the sound of that train dispersed I went to look for my brother and sister who had jumped before me. I found them…dead, each had been shot and not made it. After the war I changed my name and worked as a slave for a farmer. I was under a false identity as a Pole. Later I moved to America. Eva Galler November 9 – 10, 1938. Many Jewish home and shops were ransacked and most synagogues damaged and some burned. Most of all this had started when Herschel Grynszpan assassinated German diplomat Ernst vom Rath the previous night. Many shop and home windows were destroyed by SS officers wielding sledgehammers and other hard objects. The rampage continued for 2 days, damaging 1668 synagogues with a further 278 set ablaze by SS and citizens alike. Many beatings were carried out in the streets with reports of some mindless killing and execution. The time of the riots in Nazi controlled countries varied from time to time as news of the shooting was broadcast via radio and telegraph. Many citizens on the street at that time were encouraged by the SS to beat Jewish and destroy shops.

the star of the world - Since 1899 - Family Will Fall Over Missing the star of the world - Since 1899 - Family Will Fall Over Missing Child My life down the drain My life since moving into the Warsaw ghetto has been very disturbed. Bruno Schmitz Missing Bruno Schmitz missing, son of Ralph, a wartime commandant well known by the Nazi party. A boy of 8, last seen playing on a swing chair erected by himself, went missing 1½ months ago and has not been since. He lived in a house a few miles from the workcamp Auschwitz. He is a very adventurous person interested in exploring more that anything else. “ An odd child, not interested in anything I try to teach him. Only interested in exploring out of all things. ” Said his tutor. His cloths were found at the north-east corner of the chain linked fence surrounding Auschwitz. The question of Bruno entering the camp is unanswered. If you see a boy of about 130 cm with a round head, blue eyes and pale skin please contact 0800 782 793 to collect 30, 000 Mark reward I am 12 years old and watching my friends die slowly has been terrible. My family has been threatened when Mother was caught smuggling food for us. There were no hospitals, child care centers etc. We had to set them up. It is very crowded in our apartment with 9 families living here. We can’t even buy our own food from the stores and have to work on command. We get supplied terribly tiny amounts of food and water by the SS. There is filth everywhere in our apartment and all the families had to sleep on top of one another. At night it was very cold in the apartment and the heating was minimal. Often fights broke out about food, these were quickly ended by the SS and their guns. -Shmel Akarkwitz Bing No 2 Introducing the Bing No 2, Student type. With a full keypad and ink printing system the Bing No 2 is the perfect typewriter for children and students, however it is not a toy and very rare. Get yours today before production stops in 1938. Hurry to your nearest Bing dealer. Priced at 2500 marks it could be yours today. -Bing

the star of the world - Since 1899 - White Rose Group Comes to the star of the world - Since 1899 - White Rose Group Comes to an End Hans Scholl Many lessons to be learnt This was murder an a massive scale and would will never happen again if all of you know that it did happen. It was not a conspiracy, appx 6 MILLION were murdered in cold blood. There are several lessons to learn from this. A very brave young man who stood up in the face of death. A true hero, one to convince Germans of the evil philosophy of Adolf Hitler. One who was killed in cold blood for an act that would reshape the picture of Hitler in many minds across Germany. Born in 1917 as the second of 6 children he was young and happy. The year 1942 was dawning and the decision was made. A group, the White Rose, was formed and ready to fight for the truth. Hitler thought that there was no room in the world for any Jews, Gypsies etc. In his mind there was only room for ‘pure’ Germans. The eradication was completely unnecessary as everyone should be able to exist in the same place. The fact that Germany was in a very weak position when Hitler arrived. Losing WW 1 produced the ‘fine’ lad left the government in tatters and the country in poverty. The Nazis took advantage of this and took power then eradicated any threat to their ruling. Everyone has equal rights but during the Holocaust the lack of these was very evident. It was a complete disaster of hygiene and humanity, forcing people to travel in boxcars. The horrific things that happened should always be among us so the knowledge prevents anything alike from happening again.

the star of the world - Since 1899 - EVERYBODY PUBLISHES PAGE Dry Tears the star of the world - Since 1899 - EVERYBODY PUBLISHES PAGE Dry Tears Poem If they knew it would happen, they would run, If they saw it happening, they would hide, But they didn’t, not in any time yet. Hustled out and crammed in, A pink and white streak flew by, In the train and through the gates, A human shape spotted, Hundred flowed in, none came out, The wooden prison encased all, reflected on a beady eye, Mud plastered boot marks, trampling the small figure Shuffled in shuffled out, blue and white, black and yellow, Screams, silent tears, not heard by the small figure, The red hand reached 12 and a loud bell rang, The dressed figure ripped out of the girls’ hand thrown in, Along with many other plastic faces, fell straight down, Into the depths of a ravenous pit, A flame whispered into the pit from above, Lightly touching everything down below, A small doll, with a pink and white dress, sat, Atop a pile of dirty toys, Through red flames of hell, the gates to heaven was revealed, As the orange and red fire climbed, dry tears were pouring from the doll’s glassy eyes. - Sam Shankland