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STUY MINES Using the Earth’s Gifts for Sustainability Solutions STUY MINES Using the Earth’s Gifts for Sustainability Solutions

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY § Stuy Mines LLC, an Alaska LLC with offices in Anchorage, Alaska EXECUTIVE SUMMARY § Stuy Mines LLC, an Alaska LLC with offices in Anchorage, Alaska and La. Conner, Washington is seeking funding of 2. 5 million US dollars. Minimum individual investment for equity is 100 thousand US dollars. Smaller amounts may be provided as loans secured by promissory notes. We believe this funding will provide us the opportunity to expand our current mixed metals porphyry ore body discovery, into a proven multi-billion dollar, proven ore body. § We will continue and exploration activities, dig, drill, conduct additional CSAMT surveys and sampling. Then do additional drilling on expanded targets, permit and develop mine, process ore and implement our green mine development model. § Upon funding we will begin additional permit processing to expand porphyry and Kimberlite discovery, conduct placer sampling, planning and permitting mining operation, build field camp and continue day to day operations. § The State of Alaska and Federal Government desire to expedite mine permitting to support the US supply of metals and rare earth minerals. This will simplify and support much faster permit approval process. § We have a very experienced team of professionals and we are ready to move forward anticipate a highly successful 2016 operations season. § We are working with several parties interested in this exciting project. We hope to finalize and close funding agreements soon. § The Stuy mine is located in the same trend as the Pebble Mine, North America's largest porphyry ore body, exceeding 500 billion in reserves. Recent studies conducted for the State of Alaska bode well for and have greatly increased interest in the Stuy Project. § The Stuy Mine was staked to create a green mining model project that will support local green initiatives, local and regional sustainability. § Our commitment to Green Processing and conscious development of this resource in alignment with EPA's desires and new regulations, together with our ability to honor the clean water act and local sustainability should give us a clear advantage to expedite and expand our project quickly and efficiently.

FINANCIAL NEEDS With receipt of funding, Stuy Mines LLC (Stuy) will accomplish the following: FINANCIAL NEEDS With receipt of funding, Stuy Mines LLC (Stuy) will accomplish the following: § Continue business organizational tasks; § Maintain the claims; § Design and complete two to three years of operations, depending on the results of year-one exploration and expansion of resource. During this time period work will be done that is necessary to determine the quantity of the mineable reserves on the property. This work will include: § Digging, collection and processing of ore samples § Geochemical and geophysical surveys § Exploratory and development drilling to discover and define additional mineralization § Additional exploration permit processing § Community outreach and green mine development model community awareness § Mine permitting, environmental studies, mine development plan etc. § Green ore process implementation and infrastructure development § Preparation for field operations and mine development

BUSINESS FOCUS The primary business focus of Stuy Mines will be to hold mining BUSINESS FOCUS The primary business focus of Stuy Mines will be to hold mining claims, explore, develop, mine and process mineralization present through our world changing, green mine development model implementation at the Stuy claim block in Alaska. The profits from this venture, after expenses and investor returns will be used to develop projects locally and regionally that promote sustainability and economic development benefiting the people and communities of the area. The key factors that make this a prudent venture are: § The discovered and proven porphyry ore and Kimberlite deposits anticipating to be far in excess of $10 billion of in-ground reserves being present and exciting discovery made Summer 2015 we will drill in 2016; § Discovery of additional fault maps in alignment with the pebble deposit and intersecting our previously discovered fault zone that could re-set the in-ground reserve estimates by a multiple of 10 X or greater; § The record-high price of base and precious metals and meteorites anticipated to dramatically rise into the future; § The technological advances and proprietary green ore processing technology we have available that have improved many of the environmental concerns of the past and are supported by the EPA; § The highly experienced management team of the company with a combined total of 100 ’s of years experience in mining, management, green ore processing, exploration, mineral development and associated environmental issues, and; § Management teams local collaborations with resident native tribes and local public and private partners will accelerate business success through direct stakeholder alliances for job creation that will strengthen our business plan and movement to operational status. Stuy Mines, LLC - CONFIDENTIAL 4

LOCATION – STUY MINES CLAIM BLOCK § The Stuy Claim Block is located between LOCATION – STUY MINES CLAIM BLOCK § The Stuy Claim Block is located between 5 -20 miles (10 -40 km) northwest of Lake Iliamna and approximately 215 miles (340 km) west-southwest of Anchorage, Stuy Mine Claim block consists of 64 mining claims or approx. 10, 240 acres (+/- 16 square miles). Claims are on state land. Stuy Mine - Claim Location The Stuy claim is southwest of the Northern Dynasty Pebble Deposit – one of North America’s richest ore deposits. Stuy Mines, LLC - CONFIDENTIAL 5

GEOPHYSICAL SURVEY § § Fault lines run on either side of the magnetic trends GEOPHYSICAL SURVEY § § Fault lines run on either side of the magnetic trends encompassing the claims. One geophysical survey has been completed in the claim clock which identified drill targets which led to the porphery deposit discovery, confirmed by the drilling program in 2007. Claims were originally indentified using this magnetic map. Stuy Mines, LLC - CONFIDENTIAL 6



Founding & Management Team Ø R. Gregory E. Ellis, Founder & Managing Member - Founding & Management Team Ø R. Gregory E. Ellis, Founder & Managing Member - Greg Ellis has deep industry knowledge with over 30 years experience in mining , real estate and sustainable development. Over the last ten years, Mr. Ellis has positioned and managed the Stuy Mine founding business process in utilizing his fourth generation mining knowledge and exploration skills. Mr. Ellis’ dedication, attention to details and overall quality was recognized in 2004 being honored as Washington State “Business Man of the Year. ” Mr. Ellis is the Managing Member of Stuy Mines LLC and serves as Manager of Global Model Mines, LLC. Ø Carl D. Hale, B. Sc. , R. P. G, Q. P. Carl Hale is the Chief Geologist and Director of Exploration for Stuy Mines, LLC having received his Bachelor of Science degree in geology from the University of Washington in 1972. He has worked the majority of his career on mineral exploration projects in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest for various mining companies and consulting groups. Presently he is project manager on a gold exploration venture in the Juneau Gold Belt for a Canadian junior mining company. He also spent several years as a mine geologist at the Cannon Mine, a large gold mine in Wenatchee, Washington and on a gold exploration project in Burma. Currently working as a consultant to the mining industry, he resides in north central Washington. Ø Ron Gibson, Director Mine Development & Exploration – Ron Gibson has been in the construction and mining business for the past 44+ years. Mr. Gibson is an Engineer by training and a Mineral Consultant and producer by profession. Mr. Gibson's background and experience has touched on every aspect of the mining business. His background in Law includes a Counselor at Law, with the study of Constitutional Law, contract law, water right law, right of way law, and his specialty is Mining Law. Mr. Gibson also teaches Mining Law at both his local collages and The Southwest Oregon Mining Association. Ø Daniel Goldman, Director Corporate Development – Dan Goldman has been a strategic business consultant and investor for the past 27 years. Recently Mr. Goldman was CFO and Director and Officer of Ignition Technologies, Inc. a mobile game development Company. Prior to this Mr. Goldman was CFO, Chairman and founder o f Executive Wireless, Inc. a mobile data provider to the real estate industry. Mr. Goldman was an initial founder and director of Can Am International Investment Corp, and Premium Cigars International, Inc. where he acted as CFO and assisted in taking the company public on the NASDAQ. Ø Bill Shiels, Director Environmental Compliance – Bill Shiels has over 35 years of experience working in the fields of resource and environmental planning, project management, and field and laboratory analysis. Mr. Shiels main area of concentration has been aquatic resources. His experience includes environmental assessments, impact statements and public involvement; wetland/stream studies and mitigation plans/designs; Detailed Resumes Available Upon Request Stuy Mines, LLC - CONFIDENTIAL 9

NEXT STEPS § Once funding is obtained, the following actions must be undertaken: § NEXT STEPS § Once funding is obtained, the following actions must be undertaken: § YEAR 1 -2: § § Further geochemical and micro geophysical testing of soils and rock outcroppings in other sections of the claim block Further geophysical survey to follow ore tube into main ore body YEAR 2: § § § Test digging on claim 51 to expand on proven porphery discovery at the surface Two additional CSAMT geophysical surveys following the porphery discovery into the main ore body Initiate the drilling program based upon the results of the geophysical surveys and year one work Preliminary evaluation of permitting requirements and processing of additional exploration permits Continued review of available data associated with Northern Dynasty’s work on Pebble Deposit especially data pertinent to our project, green process and infrastructure development that will benefit our project YEAR 2 -3: § § Continuation of the drilling/digging program Preliminary mine design Preliminary reserve calculations Preparation for secondary funding

PROFORMA – Mine Exploration & Development - May 2016 STUY MINE - Estimate of PROFORMA – Mine Exploration & Development - May 2016 STUY MINE - Estimate of costs (Years 0 -3) Item M 4 -12 Year 1 36, 000 2, 500, 000 2, 536, 000 5, 000 3, 000 0. 00 10, 536, 000 Mining and Minerals 0. 00 0. 00 Precious Metals 0. 00 2, 000 6, 000 18, 000 26, 000 Other Metals 0. 00 0. 00 Other Income/Meteorite Sales 0. 00 8, 000, 000 10, 000 3, 000, 000 24, 000 36, 000 10, 500, 000 10, 536, 000 17, 000 12, 000 21, 000 60, 536, 000 5, 000 295, 000 300, 000 1, 500, 000 1, 900, 000 4, 700, 000 Acquisitions - In House Projects 0. 00 200, 000 1, 500, 000 1, 000 3, 700, 000 Exploration 0. 00 500, 000 1, 350, 000 700, 000 300, 000 2, 850, 000 Permitting 3, 000 50, 000 53, 000 200, 000 500, 000 800, 000 1, 553, 000 Mine Design 0. 00 30, 000 300, 000 150, 000 250, 000 730, 000 Mining Costs – Total 0. 00 200, 000 1, 000 2, 500, 000 3, 500, 000 7, 200, 000 36, 000 72, 000 160, 000 260, 000 564, 000 0. 00 100, 000 300, 000 650, 000 800, 000 1, 850, 000 44, 000 1, 411, 000 1, 455, 000 5, 222, 000 7, 660, 000 8, 810, 000 23, 147, 000 9, 081, 000 11, 778, 000 4, 340, 000 12, 190, 000 37, 389, 000 Investment/Grant Capital Total Income M 0 -3 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 TOTAL Expenses Operations Claim Maintenance Contingency Total Expenses Gross Profit/Loss/Reserve Stuy Mines, LLC - CONFIDENTIAL 11

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