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 • • • • • • RE 9 Presentation Supply List Arbonne Party • • • • • • RE 9 Presentation Supply List Arbonne Party Presentation Flipchart RE 9 advanced Set (This will be the main topic and your displayed products!) Variety of other RE 9 products Primer and a small sampling of Makeup (like: foundation, bronzer, lipstick, blush & eye shadow) Sampling Arbonne Essentials (like: protein powder, Fizz sticks, Detox tea, vitamins) A couple of YOUR favorite products in a basket (and Holiday products from Sept. -Dec. ) Awaken Sea Salt Scrub (This is for sampling on hands at kitchen sink as guests arrive) Black tablecloth and 4 Gold Chargers (3 for product display table & 1 for Deal or No Deal boxes) Client Profile Card (Hand out when they arrive and ask them to fill out for a chance to win a prize) If you’re doing foot spas: Tubs, towels, Unwind oil & Bath salts or Detox oil and Sea Soak RE 9 masque, FC 5 scrub and both masks, head bands, and hand towels if you are going to do facials! Testimonials- laminated and displayed EOA Stories- yours, your upline VP’s, or your favorite stories Pens, Calculator, Business Cards, Prospect Packets to be given to those interested in business (or trial kits) Catalogues and “ 3 ways to Buy” closing sheets Deal/No Deal boxes (photo inside each box of Arbonne products) Pretend $50 –for Deal or No Deal game Chocolate kisses & candy dish to hold them Product “giveaways” for games- ex: travel foot creams, holiday minis, sample gift (chews, detox tea, vitamins, fizz sticks) 6 Clipboards -3 for closing table. 3 for client profile cards Applications, product order forms & closing sheet for 1 st clipboard on closing table (selling) Open date card or your calendar for 2 nd clipboard on closing table (scheduling) Arbonne Opportunity Brochure-for 3 rd clipboard on closing table (sponsoring)