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Dear Parents and Community Members, Volume 1, Issue 3 Nominating petition forms for the Dear Parents and Community Members, Volume 1, Issue 3 Nominating petition forms for the April 17, 2007 school board election in Rooks Creek CCD #425 will be available November 7, 2006. Forms may be picked up in the office at 228 Lydia Street, Graymont, IL 61743 on any business day between 8: 00 a. m. and 4: 00 p. m. A school board candidate’s petition must be filed in the same office no earlier than 8: 00 a. m. , on Monday, January 29 and no later than 4: 00 p. m. , Monday, February 5. Candiates’ names will appear on the election ballot in the order in which their nominating papers are received in the district office. Three seats on the seven-member board of education will be filled at the April 17 election. Candidates elected will serve four-year terms expiring in April, 2011. Graymont Grade School Newsletter NEWSLETTER: November 2006 October 31, 2006 To be eligible to serve, a school board member must be, on the date of election, a citizen of the United States, at least 18 years old, a registered voter, and a resident of the State of Illinois and the school district for at least one year immediately preceding the election. Elections are nonpartisan and board candidates do not indicate a politcal party affiliation. Candidates should be aware of financial conflict-of-interest limitations set forth in state law. Nominating papers may be filed by the candidate in person, by mail or by an agent. They consist of the following: Nominating petitions signed by at least 38 voters residing within the district. Petitions must be securely bound together with pages numbered consecutively, and each page must carry the noatrized signature of the peition circulator. Statement of candidacy, which includes a request that the candidates’s name be placed on the official ballot, the address of the candidate, the office sought, and a statement that the candidate is qualified for the office and has filed (or will file before the cloase of the petition filing period) a statement of economic interests as required by the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act. A receipt from the county clerk showing that the candidate has filed the statement of economic interests as noted above. A loyalty oath, which is optional. A candidate may choose to file it or not. Other important dates for candidates are: Tuesday, February 13: last day for filing objections to a candidate’s nominating papers in the district office. Thursday, February 15: last day for a candidate to withdraw from nomination. Further information on becoming a candidate in the April 17 board election may be obtained by contacting Lori Durham or Julie Fritchtnitch. 1

1 st Quarter High Honor Roll Kylee Bier Abby Legner Kalyn Young Seth Brown 1 st Quarter High Honor Roll Kylee Bier Abby Legner Kalyn Young Seth Brown Cole Borders Stevie Carroll Courtney Bier Megan Frizzell Abby Jacobs Caleb Leach Stephanie Bray Hattie Rich 1 st Quarter Honor Roll Staci Hudson Abby Follmer Clara Schwarz Emma Rich Cynthia Ribota Abby Campbell Dallas Burns Lindsay Rich Nick Elliott Student Council Fundraiser Student Council is currently doing a Community Day Fundraiser. Student Council members are selling a coupon booklet to Bergner’s in Bloomington for $5. Each booklet includes a $10 off coupon, eight merchandise coupons, and exclusive bonus buy merchandise offers! 100% of the $5 coupon booklet price for each one sold is strictly profit! The designated day to use your coupon booklet is Saturday, November 11 th. If your child is a student council member, please encourage them to sell as many booklets as possible. Money will need to be turned in on Friday, November 10 th. Thanks to all the student council parents who helped at our Trunk-or-Treat. We had beautiful weather and a lot of fun!!! “The Chalkguy” This is a presentation for the 7 th and 8 th graders at PTHS. This presentation will center around goal attainment and raising self-respect. This is a great Opportunity for your student. Please take the time to remind your student that Expect everyone to be on their best behavior. 2

 8 th Grade Explore Tests All 8 th grade students will be taking 8 th Grade Explore Tests All 8 th grade students will be taking the Explore test on November 15, 2006. The test is a curriculum-based assessment program developed by ACT to help eighth grade students develop a high school course plan that prepares them to achieve their post-high school goals. PTHS uses the EXPLORE test scores to help with appropriate placement in high school courses. The students will receive a booklet of information before the test is given. They should be prepared with two No. 2 pencils and a calculator for the test. English/Math will be given from 9: 45 – 10: 45 am Reading/Science will be given from 12: 30 – 1: 30. Your student will still be responsible for any class work/assignments missed during the time of testing. PE - Swimming for grades 5 -8 begins Monday, October 30 th and will run all week. The bus will leave at 12: 30 and return around 2: 30. Swimming for grades 1 -4 begins Monday November 6 th and will run all week. The bus will leave at 12: 30 and return around 2: 30. Red Ribbon Week Winners Thanks to all who participated during Red Ribbon Week. Daily winners included: Tammara, Audrey, Kevin, Staci, Kalyn, Rebecca, Tim, Clara, Drew, Abby L, Cynthia, and Abby C. “Take what you can from your dreams, make them as real as they are. ” – Dave Matthews Band 3

 Sports Graymont basketball will be starting soon with coach Brian Giovanini. Students Signed Sports Graymont basketball will be starting soon with coach Brian Giovanini. Students Signed up to play include: Justin Rich, Lindsay Rich, Abby Legner, Tim Young, Nicolea Swallow, Emma Rich, Abby Jacobs, Cole Borders, Kylee Bier, and Matt Regenold. Flanagan basketball is now underway which include: Stevie Carroll, Nick Elliott, Caleb Leach, and Dallas Burns. Bicycle/Seat Belt Safety On Wednesday, November 1 st a representative from the secretary of state office will be here to give a presentation on bicycle and seat belt safety to the 5 th - 8 th graders from 10: 00 - 10: 30. Teacher News Ms. Myers First and second graders are really moving along now. Our class has really shown its true colors and excels in creativity, character, respectfulness, and behavior. First and second graders achieved an immense goal first quarter. We were able to have each student turn in their responsibility folder with no negative marks. That means that they had to bring their completed homework to school each morning and also had to have good behavior everyday throughout the quarter. Graymont is pleased to have such wonderful students. We are also beginning some exciting new units in November. First graders have entered their third unit in reading. They are really zipping along. They learn a new vowel sound or vowel combination each week. They will also be working on nouns and verbs in language arts. We have been working on place value, greater or less, and even and odd in math. Second graders will be ending our second unit and beginning our third unit in reading. We are focusing on the tricky sounding letter combinations. We are also practicing our fluency and reading with expression. In language arts, we will begin working with proper nouns and pronouns. We are learning how to write a proper letter with all five parts. Second graders are very excited to start adding and subtracting two-digit numbers. Much of November will be spent learning and mastering this skill with carrying and regrouping numbers. Both grades will be working on a new social studies unit for November. We are starting with “Communities. ” We will discuss and learn about cities, suburban areas, and rural parts of Illinois. We will also integrate map reading skills and communities in other countries. School is moving along quickly. First 4 and second grade is buzzing with activity. We are working hard in all our subjects and learning tons!!

 Mrs. Hott Ms. Rients 5/6 Social Studies are continuing to work on their Mrs. Hott Ms. Rients 5/6 Social Studies are continuing to work on their timeline for display. We will add to this throughout the year. We have continued on in our study of the ancient world and have now learned about the growth in the Fertile Crescent – Sumer, Babylon and Assyria as well as the birth of Judaism. Thanks again to all the parents for coming in for conferences. I enjoyed talking with all of you. In science, we are going to be finishing up natural resources. Then we are going to start a new unit on rocks and minerals. We will examine rocks and classify them as sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic. In social studies, we are studying the Northeast Region of the United States. We are working on our map skills, as well as, identifying the land, climate, water, and natural resources of this region. We will also talk about the history of this region with the Pilgrims, which works perfectly with Thanksgiving just around the corner. If you have lived or visited any of these states, please feel free to bring in pictures or other items to help us see what this region is like. 7/8 Social Studies have finished their overview of the history, government, economy and culture of the United States and will be making comparisons to other countries that we will be studying. First up is Canada, then on to Europe, Russia and the Independent Republics 5/6 Science are learning about matter – things that make up matter such as atoms, elements, etc. They have been introduced to the periodic table and should be able to tell you the parts of an atom. They have also learned about the different states of matter – gases, liquids and solids. 7/8 Science are continuing their study of Forces and Motion, including air pressure, water pressure and buoyancy. We have learned about Bernoulli’s principles as well as Pascal’s and Archimedes’. Some were very excited to learn how Bernoulli’s principle applied to throwing a screwball in baseball. We will be moving on shortly to simple machines. Math – All grades are continuing through their chapters and topics at a good pace with occasional slowdowns to cover a topic more thoroughly as needed. The 3 rd graders are counting money in math. They will be finding different ways to make equivalent amounts of money and making change. In 4 th grade, the next chapter deals with collecting and organizing data. This will include making different types of graphs and finding the mean, median, and mode of the data. In Reading we are focusing on using context clues to figure out the meanings of new words. The students are working hard on Reading Counts, and almost everyone achieved their goal for the month of October and will receive their Pizza Hut Book-It coupon. Also, they should be reading at home for at least 15 minutes a night. 5

 Ms. Wilson 5 -6 - In Reading we are on our third story Ms. Wilson 5 -6 - In Reading we are on our third story of our second unit, 5 th grade (My World and Yours) and 6 th grade (The Living Earth). Remember there is a spelling test every Friday. Please encourage your child to study their words to ensure they will be successful. Also, each student should be reading at least 20 minutes every evening. 7 -8 – In Reading we are starting the Novel Of Mice and Men. We are doing this novel as a whole group. Your student is given at least 25 minutes of class time to read the assigned pages. Please encourage your student to finish his/her reading assignment in the evening. I will be giving daily quizzes to check for comprehension 5 -8 Grade - In Language Arts we just completed our very long unit on verbs. We will now begin Unit 4: Adjectives. English can be a difficult subject. Please encourage your student to ask for assistance if needed. Mrs. Erickson Kindergarten is working on a lot of diverse projects. We are beginning our unit on Pilgrims-Indians-The First Thanksgiving. There will be many artifacts to explore in our room during November. Many of our projects will be geared on items to wear to our room feast. The Kindergarten families are working on creating a special family turkey that will be displayed in the hall. We are planning a few surprises for our parents!! There may also be a huge surprise in our room for reading time. Our class is doing a great job with our phonics program. It won't be long until all sounds have been introduced and we will begin working on 4 tricky words (words that don't follow the rules) each week. Special Dates to Remember 5 -8 Grade - In Computers we are still focusing on our keyboarding and typing skills. During computer time is also when your student has the opportunity to take • Nov. 3 – Vision/Hearing any Reading Counts Tests toward their yearly/monthly reading goal. Rescreening • Nov. 6 – Swimming Starts grades 1 -4 leave at 12: 30 • Nov. 9 – 8 th grade Choral at PTHS 12: 45 • Nov. 10 – Veteran’s Day Assembly 9: 30 – 10: 30 • Nov. 14 – Dismiss @ 2: 00 pm • Nov. 15 – 8 th Grade Explore Test • Nov. 22 – Progress Reports Dismiss @ 2: 00 6 • Nov. 23/24 – No School