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Course Outline QMS -ISO 90001: 2008 Lead Auditor Training Course LQ 1215 103 Purpose Course Outline QMS -ISO 90001: 2008 Lead Auditor Training Course LQ 1215 103 Purpose & Outcome Five Days LQ 1215 103 Regular auditing is required to ensure that Quality Management System is effectively implemented in conformance with ISO 9001: 2008. The activities of an auditing team must be directed by an Auditor/ Lead Auditor who carries ultimate responsibility for this task. Join this course to acquire the knowledge, skills and tool you need. This course is certified by national Accreditation Board for education and training (NABET ). Course satisfies part of the requirements for certification as an NABET Registered for International Auditor. This Lead Auditor certification is recognized by IRCA as meeting the requirement for IRCA certification to Lead Auditor. The successful participant shall be able to : • Understand responsibilities & role of an Auditor/ Lead Auditor. • Relate specific situations to appropriate clauses of standard. • Plan & organise an audit. • Prepare checklist for audit. • Identify & report nonconformities. • Verify corrective action. • Gain in-depth knowledge about the requirement of audit. • Gain first hand experience of the auditing techniques. • Gain skill required to be a good Auditor. Process The course comprises presentations, workshops, role plays and evening study. It ends with written examination, all of which add to over 40 hours of intensive training. Based on the result of examination and continue assessment, certificate of attendance / successful completion will be issued. An introduction to Quality principles, Process approach, ISO 9000: family of standards is given, Emphasis is placed on • Planning an audit. • The function of the Quality Manual. • The role of checklist. • Organising an opening meeting. • Performing an audit. • Organising a closing meeting. • Recording discrepancies. • Audit reports. • Taking corrective action. • Ongoing Surveillance. Schedule : 0900 to 1900 Hrs. (Day-I) 0830 to 1930 Hrs. (Day-II, III) 0830 to 1830 Hrs. (Day-IV) 0830 to 1600 Hrs. (Day-V) Who Should Attend ? Anyone responsible for leading an audit of their own or another company's quality management system should attend. The participants are required to have a comprehensive understanding of the contents, application and implementation of ISO 9000: 2000 series of standards, prior to the commencement of this course. Why TQMI ? TQMI, India's leading training and consultancy organisation, with its network of offices across the country and in Dubai, specializes in providing solutions to all your quality related issues. With more than 15 years of its operations, TQMI utilizes the wealth of experience of its counselors, who conduct the training programmes and convert the whole experience into a cherishable memory for all the participants. The fact that these training programmes are taken repeatedly by its client companies who recommend these programmes to others, is itself a trend setting phenomena. All the exercises and case studies are prepared with the knowledge gained by the counselors and make these programmes useful and practical for the participants. The number of times these courses are conducted in all these years speak for the value addition the client organizations get out of these courses. The blue chip companies who are working with TQMI have achieved tremendous benefits from these courses and the value addition in their quality management system speaks for the quality of these programmes. F 0505 ISSUE 3 SK 107 © All Rights Reserved by TQMI MAIL. PPT/1