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Conference Program Area of Coverage Post-earthquake inventories of landslides and related ground failures (remote Conference Program Area of Coverage Post-earthquake inventories of landslides and related ground failures (remote sensing, field observations, and statistical analysis) Earthquake-induced landsliding and ground failures in different tectonic/climatic environments (case histories) Regional-scale seismic landslide hazard mapping and assessment (applications of physically-based models, statistical analyses, and GIS techniques to regional-scale slope instability zonation under dynamic conditions; statistical approach to model spatial and temporal variability of earthquake- induced landslides) Date 9/20 Sun. Morning Session - Arrival and Check-in at NCU I. Opening Ceremony II. Introductory Keynote III. Seismic landslide inventories 9/21 Mon. Afternoon Session Case histories of earthquakeinduced landsliding in different tectonic/climatic environments 9/22 Tue. Regional-scale seismic landslide hazard assessment 9/23 Wed. Seismic site response 9/24 Thu. Impact of earthquakes on mountain slope evolution and sediment yields Mechanisms of seismically induced permanent deformations in slopes (physical and numerical modeling; shaking table modeling of seismically induced deformations in slopes; nonlinear seismic sliding analysis of earth structures; evaluation of different models to estimate co-seismic landslide displacements and to assess regional seismic slope performance) Seismic site response (topographic and litho- stratigraphic factors of ground motion amplification with examples from instrumented sites; ground motion directivity and slope dynamic response; site response analysis using modeling and numerical simulations; empirical geotechnical seismic site response procedures) Uncertainty in ground motion estimates and in analyses of slope stability (simplified methods for evaluating seismic stability of steep slopes; evaluation of seismic slope stability procedures through shaking table testing; seismic landslide hazard assessment in connection with sitespecific ground-motion dynamics) Impact of earthquakes on the evolution of mountain slopes and fluvial sediment yields (including enhanced landslide generation by precipitation events following earthquakes) Next generation of research on earthquake- induced landslides (plenary discussion) Invited Speakers ABRAHAMSON, Norman, PG&E, USA CHIOU, Brian S. J. , Caltrans, USA CLUFF, Lloyd, PG&E, USA DEL GAUDIO, Vincenzo, University of Bari, Italy EVANS, Stephen, University of Waterloo, Canada GUGLIELMI, Yves, University of Provence, France HARP, Edwin, U. S. Geological Survey, USA HOVIUS, Niels, Cambridge University, UK JIBSON, Randall, U. S. Geological Survey, USA KAYEN, Robert, U. S. Geological Survey, USA KEEFER, David, U. S. G. S. and Univ. Maine, USA KOKUSHO, Takaji, Chuo University, Japan MILES, Scott, Western Washington University, USA MURPHY, William, University of Leeds, UK PETLEY, David, Durham University, UK RODRIGUEZ-MAREK, Adrian, WA State Univ. , USA ROMEO, Roberto, University of Urbino, Italy TSAI, Yi-Ben, PG&E, USA WARTMAN, Joseph, Drexel University, USA WASOWSKI, Janusz, CNR-IRPI, Italy 9/25 Fri. 9/26 Sat. Mechanisms of seismically induced landslides and other permanent deformations in slopes Uncertainty in ground-motion estimates and seismic slope stability analyses I. Plenary discussion: The next generation of research on earthquake-induced landslides II. Introduction to the Field Trips Field trip to Chiufengerhshan & 921 Earthquake Museum Field trip to Tsaoling Landslide & Back to Taoyuan Field Trip The Tsaoling landslide (volume of 120 million cubic meters) and Chiufengerhshan landslide (volume of 50 million cubic meters), triggered by the Chi-Chi earthquake, are among the best studied large earthquakeinduced landslides in the world. The field trip will tour these two large landslides and the 921 Earthquake Museum located in Wufong. Sponsors Important Date European Geosciences Union Extended Abstract (or full paper) due: July 1 st, 2009 (On-line submission) Chinese Geoscience Union Registration National Science Council, Taiwan Technical Sessions: 10, 000 NTD (~285 USD); Field Trips: 6000 NTD (~200 USD)(On-line registration) National Central University, Taiwan Correspondence Co-sponsors National Research Council (CNR-IRPI), Italy Italian Section of International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG) Geological Society located in Taipei National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan National Taiwan University, Taiwan Central Geological Survey, Taiwan Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Taiwan Water Resources Agency, Taiwan Associate Prof. DONG, Jia-Jyun Graduate Institute of Applied Geology, National Central University, Jungli, Taoyuan, 32001, Taiwan. 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