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Concorde Players Newsletter November 2010 In this issue Hi Folks, A slightly late welcome Concorde Players Newsletter November 2010 In this issue Hi Folks, A slightly late welcome to 2011. But what a good start we had – wasn’t RCATP fantastic!!! It was a great week, good laugh, great audiences and a fun show to do – many thanks to Craig In this edition there is a summary of Robinson from Craig, Social Update and more information on ‘Well did you Evah’ As always if you have any queries issues or something you would like to bring up at committee please let me know Thanks Pomps pomps 44@aol. com Robinson in Review Hi All, Well what a show that was! I cannot express how proud I was of you all. It was a fantastic week and the feedback has been tremendous and in all aspects of the show – performances, costumes, set, script, lighting. Thank you to all the cast and crew for making the show a roaring success. Your dedication and hard work really paid off in creating such a fantastic piece of theatre. It very hard on the last night to make sure you thank everyone and I know I missed out a few people so would like to add my thanks here, we cut it very close to ensure we had numbers for Front of House so a special thanks to Janine for stepping in as FOH Manager doubling up her duties, the FOH helpers Joan, Rianna, Mel, Sarah, Stuart, Narinder and John (it was great to see you). As part of our review we on the Committee, we all felt that bringing in a script worked really well for us and have all agreed we would do this again, we believe audience figures were up on last year but don’t have final numbers as yet but thank you all for your help in selling tickets and making this one of the proudest moments Hope to see you all soon, supporting Well did you Evah! Craig X EDITION 3 Other News Bad Girls – The Musical starring our very own Sam Henry!! Dates are 22 -26 Feb Norden Farm Maidenhead. If you want Tickets can you please contact Sam 07748117315 ASCA – Airline Sports and Cultural Association This came via BA clubs asking if we are interested. A new ASCA event will be held in October in Copenhagen, organised by Icelandair. Its looking for any interested choirs or musical groups out there, It does not take place until October so plenty of time to practice! Package costs will be dependent on number of entrants. It is open to BA serving or retired staff mainly although associated members may also be eligible to take part. . Your views please – email me pomps 44@aol. com Retired Staff Reunion On Saturday 12 th March there is a Retired Staff Reunion taking place from 1200 - 1600 in the Olympus Hall. Up to 300 people attended last year. There will be an opportunity for any sections to promote their activity at this event in order to gain new members. Let myself pat. french@baclubs. com or Lee Evans (lee. evans@baclubs. com) know if you are interested Comic Relief at the Concorde Centre Sunday 13 th March Music Quiz If you are interested please let me know pomps 44@aol. com Future Productions Would you believe we have had someone request to Direct the next Panto! Fab news and what it means is we can decide very early on and let you all know. There is a show he would like to do so based on our success this year we once again will hold a session to read through some scripts and a decision will be made based on agreement with us and the proposed Director. More info in the next newsletter.

Concorde Players Newsletter Next Show – Well did you Evah! Show Dates are 13 Concorde Players Newsletter Next Show – Well did you Evah! Show Dates are 13 -16 Jul Gary and Ken would like to thank everyone who came along to the auditions on Monday 24 and 31 January We were delighted with the attendance and were impressed with the amount of talent that we have amongst our membership. It was also great to be able to welcome some prospective new members. Because we were not able to get any outside advertising in time for the auditions, we have decided that we will hold one more evening on Monday 28 February and would welcome anyone wishing to attend. Once the auditions have been finished, we can then make decisions on what we would like people to do. We have a few people who are willing to choreograph routines for the show. If anyone wants to get involved in doing some choreography let us know. Obviously, because of the numbers who auditioned, we may not be able to allocate solo numbers to everyone and hope that those who are not asked to do solo’s will not be too disappointed. There will be opportunities for group and backing singing, which, to be honest, is just as important as the soloist’s. Backing makes the difference between a good number and a great number! It will be our intention, once the audition process has been completed, to have an evening where we will ask everyone to come along, so that we can explain to you the format that we will be using for the show. Further information and dates for your diary will be sent to you. We look forward to seeing everybody soon to start work on what we believe will be a fabulous show. In the mean time we are still looking for other roles to be filled so if you are interested in Producer Set Construction Set Design Costumes Sound Continuity FOH Manager Please email us Gary and Ken garymcollis 2001@yahoo. co. uk kenwilliams 47@talk. net Facilities Dressing Room Redecoration After completing the dressing Room the club decided the hallway outside required doing and this is happening at this time!! Hooray! We believe they are using the same colours as the dressing room so will all look nice once complete Social Events For those of you who made it we had a great Chinese night in Windsor, a good turn out with 26 us tightly packed in to the restaurant! We have had some discussions about the different things we can do this year. Coming up we have DVD night for RCATP, Chris Shepherd has kindly loaned us her house and we would like to do Pizza and Quiz night there in May, 230 Chertsey Lane, Staines TW 18 3 NF 01784 455205 - 07702 412090 we are looking at another Summer Picnic with details to follow on that. Can you please let Albert know if you can attend the DVD and Quiz night please so we can gauge numbers albertghelg@yahoo. co. uk Dates for your Diary 28 Feb 18 Mar 14 May Jun/Jul Well did you Evah Final Auditions DVD Night for RCATP Quiz and Pizza Picnic in the Park