Скачать презентацию April 30 2009 CLUB MEMBERS Florida District Division Скачать презентацию April 30 2009 CLUB MEMBERS Florida District Division


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April 30, 2009 CLUB MEMBERS Florida District Division 5 Jay Ambler/Jane Doris Barnes Herman April 30, 2009 CLUB MEMBERS Florida District Division 5 Jay Ambler/Jane Doris Barnes Herman Bass John Bates/Delores Sevena Baum Charles Bender/Wanda Nancy Bernard Max Booke/Marlette Dick Brand/Paula Howard Brown/Hazel Dan Corritore/Cindy 270 -0368 891 -4950 246 -7537 280 -8358 249 -5115 223 -0890 273 -7571 223 -2231 280 -2628 249 -5877 403 -5722 Gary Crumley Beryl Dryden Jim Dunford Debbie Johnson/Jay Carl Krouch/Phyllis James Lane/Marie James Lee/Mary Ellen Bill Mac. Leod/Mary Lou Ralph Marcello/Carol John Meadows/Leanne Bill Montgomery/Lea 247 -8508 241 -0888 249 -3593 260 -4939 249 -8842 285 -7273 382 -9646 220 -2355 992 -7221 285 -5082 221 -5527 Joe Overby/Jean Hugh Patterson/Beth Walt Pfeil/Marie Neil Powell/Kristina Paula Powell/John Lal Ramdeen/Daphne Ed Robinson/Myrle Al Russ/Gerry Butch Shadwell/Bev Burt Van Wagner/Joan 249 -3513 246 -9262 221 -6810 343 -3571 899 -6446 992 -8275 223 -1591 645 -0688 410 -9750 246 -7264 “SERVING THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD ” Division 5 Clubs Mon - Jacksonville Club Crown Plaza Hotel 1201 Riverplace Blvd, 12: 30 http: //kiwanisjax. com/ - Fernandina Beach Club Municipal Golf Clubhouse 6: 30 PM (1 st, 2 nd & 3 rd Mon) Tues - St. Augustine Club Carrabba’s Italian Grill SR 312 & US 1, Noon (824 -8244) - Deerwood Club Deercreek Country Club Governor’s room, 7816 Mc. Laurin Rd, 12: 00 Wed - Arlington Club Jacksonville University Bartlett Kinne University Center 11: 30 (1 st & 3 rd Wed) Thurs- Jacksonville Beaches Club Windsor Parke Golf Club 13823 Sutton Park Dr. North - Historic St. Augustine Club The Village Inn 900 Ponce de Leon Blvd (U. S. 1), 7 AM -Westside Club - Holiday Inn I-295 & Commonwealth, 12: 30 “Reach Out & Reach Up” 2008 -2009 Committees Chairs Club Administration Community Service & CS Analysis Finance and Fundraising Human and Spiritual Values Interclub Membership Growth and Education Newsletter Editor Program Coordinator Public Relations Sponsored Youth Webmaster Young Children: Priority One Bill Montgomery, Dick Brand Doris Barnes Neil Powell, James Lee, Debbie Johnson Hugh Patterson Al Russ Neil Powell, Dick Brand, John Bates Beverly Shadwell Hugh Patterson, Doris Barnes Hugh Patterson Butch Shadwell James Lee Dan Corritore Special Events Doris Barnes Dictionary Project Butch Shadwell Fletcher Scholar Recognition Breakfast Walt Pfeil, James Lee, Neil Powell Football Festival Carl Krouch, Ed Robinson, Lal Ramdeen, Paula Powell, Golf Tournament Bill Mac. Leod, John Bates Dan Corritore Headstart & Navy Child Development John Bates, Debbie Johnson, Walt Pfeil Ed Robinson K-Kids at Mayport Carl Krouch Military Recognition John Bates Peanut Sale Bill Mac. Leod, Max Booke, Lal Ramdeen, John Bates, Paula Powell Rose Sale Butch Shadwell Scholarships Beryl Dryden, Al Russ Teacher Recognition Day Burt Van Wagner, John Bates Thanksgiving Dinner For Seniors 2008 -2009 Officers President James Lee 1 st Vice President Doris Barnes 2 nd Vice President Hugh Patterson Treasurer/Asst. Treasurer Ralph Marcello/Walt Pfeil Secretary Jay Ambler Past President Neil Powell Board of Directors Debbie Johnson Carl Krouch Dan Corritore Dick Brand Paula Powell Lt. Governor Division 5 Brad Davis District Governor Dave Liddell District Exec. Director George Langguth District Club Newsletters Chair Bradley K. Davis International President Don Canaday KIWANIS CLUB OF JACKSONVILLE BEACHES 62 Years Of Service THE SIX OBJECTS OF KIWANIS INTERNATIONAL Chartered: August 1, 1946 Be A Super Model • To give primacy to the human & spiritual rather than the material values of life. • To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships. • To promote the adoption & the application of higher social, business, & professional standards. • To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive, & serviceable citizenship. • To provide, through Kiwanis Clubs, a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service, & to build better communities. • To cooperate in creating & maintaining that sound public opinion & high idealism which make possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism, & goodwill. TODAY’S MEETING Greeter : Doris Barnes and Dan Corritore Greeter Opening Ceremony : President James Lee Announcements : President James Lee UPCOMING PROGRAMS May 8 (Friday) Rose Sale Packaging and Distribution (No speaker) May 14 Will Pitts Prayer : Paula Powell Guest Introduction : Al Russ Welcome Westside Club! COMMITTEE BREAK OUT SESSIONS (No speaker) 50/50 Fundraiser Drawing Joke Closing Song State Chairman Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida May 21 Andy Baggs Vice Chairman of The Players May 28 Maurice Rudolph American Red Cross Volunteer Lifesaving Corps

April 23 rd - Make a difference. Change the world one child and one April 23 rd - Make a difference. Change the world one child and one community at a time. LAST WEEK’S HIGHLIGHTS Kiwanis: Stan Storey Vice Presidential Campaign SPEAKERS Jan Rawlins, Mayport Elementary K-Kids faculty adviser and guidance counselor, K Kids Club member, Alexis, and Kiwanian Debbie Johnson(right) April program chair, Walt Pfeil, introduced our speakers, and told his weekly funny joke. “I thought Jan Rawlins did a fantastic job of providing an overview of her school and its K Kids club. Since we've all talked about Mayport's K Kids club for so long, it was nice for the members to get to meet the club's sponsor as well as its president. I thought Alexis did a great job too. When I was her age, I could NEVER have stood up in front of a group of older adults like she did answered all those questions so well. She is indeed a valuable member of their K Kids club. Walt, thanks so much for all your efforts in coordinating Jan's visit to our meeting. ” Debbie Johnson WELCOME GUESTS! INVOCATION Needs Financial Support Florida's candidate for International Vice President, Stan Storey, is involved in a very important campaign for International Vice President and needs the voluntary support of every Kiwanis Club in the Florida District. Every club is urged to contribute $2. 00 per member to defray the cost of the campaign. The Florida District is proud that we have never used any dues money for election campaigns. We are totally dependent on voluntary club and member contributions. If you join us in our belief that Stan is the best person to lead Kiwanis in the coming years, please consider supporting Stan by sending personal/club contributions to the District Office. Your support must come from member contributions or administrative funds. Service funds cannot be used for this purpose. Checks should be made payable to the Florida District of Kiwanis International and directed for the Stan Storey Campaign Fund. We would appreciate your prompt attention to this request as Stan's campaign has begun in earnest and expenses are beginning to mount. Larger contributions are always welcome. Recent correspondence incorrectly requested $1. 00 per member. This election is the final hurdle for Stan to become International President and unfortunately requires additional campaign funding. They can be mailed to: The Florida District of Kiwanis International 5545 Benchmark LN Sanford FL 32773 JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY NROTC OPEN HOUSE The JU NROTC unit will host an open house program on 15 May to show off our facilities, thank supporters and inform potential students of the wonderful opportunities here at JU. Details are included in the attached invitation. We are focusing this year’s Open house around a symposium that discusses the various paths to earning a Navy/Marine Corps Scholarship. Doors are open from 1200 to 1800; cocktails are served 1600 -1800. [email protected] edu Capt Lee. A. Steele 904 -256 -7484 Commanding Officer cell 850 -525 -8788 NROTC Unit, Jacksonville University THE HATS AND HUGS PROGRAM – Volunteers Needed ……. A Florida statewide Kiwanis effort to offer comfort by providing hats and head coverings for children fighting cancer, and stuffed animals to children during traumatic events & emergencies. Volunteers are needed for visits/phone calling to ascertain needs and make arrangements for deliveries. Visits/Phone calls must be completed by May 21 st. Contact Doris Barnes. [email protected] com, 904 -891 -4950 MEETING ASSIGNMENTS Debbie Johnson(right) hosted her husband, Jay, and her sister, Susan Martin. Thursdays 12 Noon May 8 Friday May 21 Neil Powell Bill Montgomery Beryl Dryden May 7 May 8 - No Meeting - changed to May 8 th - Mother’s Day Rose Sale - Packaging & Distribution , Contact Paula Powell for info. May 12 - DCM, Deerwood Club, DCM Deercreek Country Club Registration & Social Hour – 5: 30 pm Program & Dinner - 6: 30 pm, $20 each Focus on Youth Services Reservation deadline - May 7, 5 pm May 23 - ARC Bert Road Group Home BBQ sponsored by our club. See Walt Pfeil for details. June 13 - Club Leadership Education (CLE) Training Required for Incoming Officers, Recommended for Directors June 25 -28 - Kiwanis International, Nashville, TN July 30 - DCM, 6 pm, Windsor Parke Aug 27 -30 - Florida Kiwanis Meeting, Orlando, Rosen Centre Hotel Ed Robinson Doris Barnes John Bates Dick Brand Carl Krouch Al Russ Butch Shadwell Bill Montgomery Speaker Intro No Speaker Rose Distribution Neil Powell Carl Krouch with his guest, Doug Hudson Up Close And Personal Happy $$ Lal Ramdeen Joe Overby BIRTHDAYS ANNIVERSARIES Max & Marlette Booke 4/30 Paula Powell Prayer Thank you Butch Shadwell and Debbie Johnson for photos. OUR 62 ND YEAR OF SERVICE None Sevena Baum Guest Intro Samantha Neff hosted by Hugh Patterson. From: “Invocations for Kiwanis Occasions” by James J. Muench Prayer Volunteer List: Doris Barnes, Dick Brand, Dan Corritore, Beryl Dryden, Debbie Johnson, Carl Krouch, Hugh Patterson, Walt Pfeil, Paula Powell, Al Russ, Butch Shadwell, Bill Montgomery May 28 Butch Shadwell Greeters (11: 45 AM) Gary Crumley May 14 Heavenly Father, Let Kiwanis be for us a means of enlarging our circles of interest and broadening our spheres of service. Receive us now as we dedicate ourselves anew to the ideals of service through Kiwanis. And now bless this food to our use and us to Your service. Amen Visit Kiwanis Websites: www. beacheskiwanis. com www. floridakiwanis. com www. kiwanis. org For Past Newsletters - www. beacheskiwanis. com/downloads. html Newsletter Editor: bevs [email protected] net Newsletter Printing: Neil Powell, Morgan Stanley Co. Mailing Address: Kiwanis of Jacksonville Beaches PO Box 50504 Jacksonville Bch, FL 32240