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  • Автор: Екатерина Кот
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a [  ] [æ]1 2 3 4 [a: ]V;  CV C; a [ ] [æ]1 2 3 4 [a: ]V; CV C; CC r [ ] r V e i y o u [i: ] [e] [ ] [ ] [u: ] [ju: ] [ Λ ] [υ] [ ][ ] c a m e m a t e s a n e [æ] c a t g a s f a ct [a: ] st ar ar m p ar t [ ] [ ][æ] [æ] [ ] d are d M ary squ are [i: ] sh e th e s e l e g a l [e] [e] b e d f e ll p e nc il [ ] h er B er t f er n [ ] h ere z ero [ ] b i t e f i v e m y [ ] [ ] d i p l i t le st i ck [ ] b ir d d ir ty g ir l [ ] [ ] f ire adm ire d ire ctory [ ] [ ] [ ] b o n e h o l e s o f a [ ] box fr o g s to p [ ] p or t t or n f or ks [ ] b ore d ign ore sn ore [u: ] u s e st u d e nt m u s i c [ Λ ] u s c u p j u mp [ ][ ] f ur b ur n t ur n [ ][ ] p ure mat ure sec ure[u: ]

[b] [v]b c [s] [k] d [d] f [f] g [ ] [g] h[b] [v]b c [s] [k] d [d] f [f] g [ ] [g] h j k l m n p qu r s t v w x z[h] [k] [l] [m] [n] [p] [kw] [r] [s] [t] [w] [ks] [z]bakes bags bark bear boat ball bed big De c e mber dan c e c i vil bi c y clee, i, y cane call coat cup day dazzle dance dared do does door dip fat fast fog fee fell few safe fur g e neral a g e ori g i nal biolo g y gas go ago gulle, i, y hazel hat hard hear hour honest [ ] jam Jess jeep Joe July jump joke join a s k de s k ri s ked di s ketekiten kite key cook flee litle please legal last place look able mate map March Mary come memory mirror music bananas normal note nose nine chin join bent pack port put pig s ports a s pects cri s ps s poon queen squeak squares question exquisite cheque [k] queue rains train grass free roten zero run fruit safe sold cats base cheese rise poison resort [z] taxi told turn bite s tar s top s tupid co s t vet civil given gave view valley five live [gz] away wood well week won work worm warm axe box six texts exact example co-exist luxurious zip zoo lazy pizza [ts][-] [ ] soldier

wolf. woman[w Λ ] *[wυ] wonbrowse, shower, blouse   bowl [u: ] cook,wolf. woman[w Λ ] *[wυ] wonbrowse, shower, blouse bowl [u: ] cook, foot, good uniform, produce, assume, consume, presume, studious Paul, author, caught, cause [ ][ ] bear, pear ear, appearance, bearda e i y o uai/ ay air a a ss/sk/st/sp/ft/th/nt a nge /ste/bl ll / lk au/ aw w a ee/ea ear ereeer ei/ey ieve ew i bl/nd/ ld/ gn ya, ye, yi o m/n/v/th oa oar oi/oy oo oor o ld/lt/ll/lk/st ou/ow wo[ ] [ ] age, grade, cane, case, sale , safe, bakes, base, Canadian, crane, flame [æ] any, apple, bags, catch, chasm, fat, clash, Canada, Japan, lamp, land, map [a: ] card, cart, hard, harm, parcel, start, starve, pardon, garden, artist, stars [ ] carefree, carefully, compare, variant, square, squares [i: ] Sweden, Swedish, these, people, extreme, intervene, obedient [e] bend, checks, chess, left, pen, accept, competitive, deception [ ] person, personal, concern, divert. allergic, adverbial, anniversary [ ] here, zero, sincere, atmosphere, incoherent, mysterious [ ] arrival, bite, divide, glide, guide, ignite, price, type interchange, [ ] drip, drizzle, mirror, pinch, fridge, children, picture [ ] dirty, flirt, shirts, thirsty, birthday, virtual, Pat’s skirt [ ] admire, desirable, retirement, directory, [ ] phone, hotѐl, note, those, woke, ago, demote, photo [ ] frog, botle, fog, doctor, cost, hospital, coffee shop [ ] airport, horse, sports, shorts, inform, important [ ] an orange, explore, glory [ju: ] [u: ] fruit, glue [ Λ ] up, drug, hut, hunt, buton, clutch, Russia, industrial, impulsive, sudden [υ] put, full, push, *sugar [ ] burn, fur, turn, nursery [ ] pure, maturity, curiosity, furious, secure, security, luxurious / [ ] sure unstressed a, o, u, e i/y, eclaim, drain, pain, bay, sail, play fair, hair, airport, pair, stairs, Claire [ ] dangerous, able, table, changeable [a: ] ask, past, fast, grasped, after, bath, plants pass, glass, [ ] ball, calls, talk, walker [ ] dawn, saw, jaw, awkwardness, cautious [ ] water, walk, warm, watch, what [i: ] bee, agree, fee, street engineer, jeer, cheer, mountaineer eat, east, repeat, seat, easy, preach ea [e]d/f/th/nt dead, deafen [ ]bread, feather, dread, measure, pleasure [ ] there, where, somewhere [ ] eight, beige, grey ei/ey c/k [i: ] key, deceive, receipt [i: v] believe, achievement [ju: ] [u: ] few, new, view, newspaper brew, chew, Jew [ ] sew Bible, behind, sign, resign [ ] [j] yet, year [ Λ ] come, loves, govern, discovery, other, mother [ ] boat, coal, goal, coat [ ] board join, toilet, poison, boy [υ] [ Λ ] bloodfool, gloom, tool, moon [ ] door, floor [ ] old, cold, told, gold, hold, ghost, postcard about, around, howabstr a ct auth or but o n ind u stry biolog i cal angr y dens i t y b e hindasp e cts broth er cal e nd ar c o mpete d e fy d e licious earl y e ffect i ve e [ — ] abl e ag e bit e [ ]

[  ] picture future signature departure temperature restructurebt ch gh gu ck kn[ ] picture future signature departure temperature restructurebt ch gh gu ck kn lm mb mn ng nk ph ps rh sc sh stle th wrwh [ ][ ] [ŋ][ ] lf/vdou bt de bt[t] islchin cheese pinch achievement [ k ] ache school chasm [ ] pistachio machine dg [ ] fridge knowledge [ g ] gh o st yo gh u rt [-] [ f] bou gh t ei gh t fi gh t lau gh gn [ gn ] [ n ] ignore ignite signature significant sign resign foreign [ g ] guard guess guide guitar [ k ] sick stick pack thick [ n ] know knife knee knot [ m ] calm [ f/v] half lk [ k ] talk, walk, folk [ m ] bomb climb plumber [ m ] autumn column gardening happening hoping shopping hang wrong young knitting [ŋk] bank blink plank thankfully [ f] photo phone elephant atmosphere [ s] psychology [ s ] scissors obscene obscenity she ship fashion push [ l] island aisle [ sl ] castle whistle [ r ] rhyme rhetorical rheumatism rhino -ture -sure/ ssure — t on/ t al — ci an/ ous/ ate/ent -que [ w] whale what where when whistle [ h] who [ r] wrong wrapped co-writer three think of thin thick thumb tooth truth python thirsty that these those other brother mother father feather[ ]/ [ ] measurement pleasure [ ] television decision invasion illusion revision occasion-sion [ n ] action nation digestion substantial differential partially [ ] politician musician especially commercial delicious spacious [ k ] cheque-ed [ d ] ar m ed concer n ed beg g ed pl ou ghed frighte n ed rai s ed [ t ] cros s ed gras p ed hel p ed pear-sha p ed ra c ed [ d] empty-han d ed colour-co d ed -s [ z ] [ s ] [ z] ba g s banan a s ey e s ca ll s aspec t s ba k es carro t s ca t s si z es hor s es bu s es dai s ies

Minimal pairs [i: ] [ ] sheep leak cheeks peel bean leave ship lickMinimal pairs [i: ] [ ] sheep leak cheeks peel bean leave ship lick chicks pill bin live [e] [æ] x pen men send gem bread axe pan man sand jam Brad [æ] cap hat track ban bag ankle [ Λ ] cup hut truck bun bug uncle [æ] [a: ] cap hat cat ban pack carp heart cart barn park [ Λ ] cup hut cut bun come [a: ] carp heart cart barn calm [ ] Don cod shot pot fox spot Dawn cord short port forks sport [υ] [u: ] look pull full could would Luke pool fool cooed wooed [ ] four torn warm walker fur turn worm worker [e] [ ] ten Ben bed west turn bird worst [ ] burn fern Bert work flirt bone phone boat woke float [ ] caught nought bought jaw ball [ ] coat note boat Joe bowl [i: ] e bee tea pea bead [ ] ear beer tear pier beard [ ] all ball corn tore roar [ ] oil boil coin toy Roy [a: ] [ ] bark Pa r cart heart buy bike pie eye kite height [e] [ ] pen shed edge wet test pepper pain shade age wait taste paper [ ] [ ] ear beer pier hear tear Cheers! air bear pear hair tear chairs [p] [b] pin pear cap pup Poppy bin Ben bear cab pub Bobby [t] [d] too sent cart write train trunk do send card ride drain drunk [k] coat curl class back crow [g] goat girl glass bag grow [s] [z] Sue c sip bus piece price zoo z zip buzz peas prize [s] [ ] c Sue sip ass sew puss she shoe ship ash show push [ ] ship sheep sherry shop cash wash chip cheap cherry chop catch watch [ ] [ ] cheap choke riches cherries larch h jeep joke ridges Jerry’s large age [v] v vest vet vine veil [w] we west wet wine whale [-] [h] ill eel and old ear islands hill heel hand hold hear highlands [s] mouse sum sick sink pass [ ] mouth thumb thick think path [f] [ ] first fin half thirst thin heath [t] tree tanks sheet [ ] three thanks sheath [d] [ ] Dan day dare doze Ida than they there those either [z] [ ] close breeze boos size clothe breathe booth scythe [n] [ŋ] win thin ban run Ron wing thing bang rung wrong [l] [r] long light load jelly fly glass wrong right road Jerry fry grass

Stress secondary stress primary stress It was contro ver sial. She gave a conStress secondary stress primary stress It was contro ver sial. She gave a con troversial an swer. Stress shift Logical stress Suffixes • don’t usually change the stress patern: -able, -age, -al, -er, — ful, -less, — ness, — ous, — fy -ment Exceptions: • the syllable before the suffix : • the suffix : -ee, — eer, — ese, -ette -ious, -ulous, — orous, — eous -ial, — ic, -ion, -ive, -ity • depends on the pre-suffix syllable: -ant, -ent, -ance, — ence V, VC before the pre-suffix syl. VVC, VCC, y/i the pre-suffix syl. • change the pronunciation of the vowel : • changes:

 •  unstressed prefixes :  •  re – stressed (again)/ unstressed: • unstressed prefixes : • re – stressed (again)/ unstressed: • stressed prefixes (nouns) : • the syllable after the prefix (most are adjectives) : • the first part (compound nouns) : noun + -ing form + noun verb + noun • the second part (adjective + noun) : adj + noun adj + -ing form past participle + noun. Prefixes • the first part (compound adjectives) : one word noun + -ing form noun + past participle • the second part (compound adjectives) : noun + adjective adj + noun adj/adv + past participle adj/adv + -ing form Self- one-stress phrasal verbs two-stress phrasal verbs

Phrasal stressweak forms unstressed vowels Phrasal stressweak forms unstressed vowels

Rhythm. Linking sounds Rhythm. Linking sounds

Syntagm Logical stress Syntagm Logical stress

Intonaton Intonaton

Sonnet 130 My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun; Coral is far moreSonnet 130 My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun; Coral is far more red than her lips’ red; If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun; If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head. I have seen roses damask’d, red and white, But no such roses see I in her cheeks; And in some perfumes is there more delight Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks. I love to hear her speak, yet well I know That music hath a far more pleasing sound; I grant I never saw a goddess go; My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground: And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare As any she belied with false compare. HAMLET To be, or not to be: that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep; No more; and by a sleep to say we end The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks That flesh is heir to, ’tis a consummation Devoutly to be wish’d. To die, to sleep; To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub; For in that sleep of death what dreams may come When we have shuffled off this mortal coil, Must give us pause: