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11 th grade United States History, Mrs. Cooke, Room #813 Dear Students & Parents, 11 th grade United States History, Mrs. Cooke, Room #813 Dear Students & Parents, Welcome to 11 th grade Social Studies, US History! This is a two semester class that is required for high school graduation. Our units of study are based on the California State Standards and we use the American Vision: Modern Times book as our core curriculum. In this class, we will cover the foundations of American colonies, American Revolution and Civil War, the Constitution, US industrialization, US involvement in WWI and WWII, the Great Depression, the Roaring 20’s, Vietnam War , the Cold War, Red Scare, contemporary America, current events, and much more! Please allow me to introduce myself. I was born in San Diego, California where I have spent most of my free time playing sports and going to the beach. I moved to Riverside to attend the University of California, Riverside where I earned a basketball scholarship. I was a starting forward for the division one UCR women’s basketball team and we won two Big West Championships in the four years I was there. I earned my B. A. in history and my M. A. in education from UCR graduating with honors. This is my 6 th year teaching and my 4 th year at Bonita High School. If I was not a history teacher, I would have a career in sports journalism, but history is my passion and I love being a teacher because I get to work with awesome people every day and tell amazing stories! I look forward to a successful year! Please contact me anytime regarding this class, e-mail is best. Sincerely, Mrs. Cooke Email: j. [email protected] k 12. ca. us Website: bonitahigh. net Supplies for Success: Because of school budget limits, I recommend that you buy your own school supplies and bring them to class every day. It’s easier for you to access your own supplies during class; you won’t need to wait around for my limited public-use supplies and you’ll have what you need for home as well. So, stock up on these supplies for success: *Agenda or Calendar *back pack *Internet access (home or public library) * 100 page Spiral notebook college ruled (by Friday) *pencils with erasers, 2 blue or black pens *pencil sharpener More on other side… *highlighters *colored pencils *glue stick * 1 whiteboard marker * red pen

Grading: Student Interactive Notebook: SIN (100 points): Students will turn in all notes, worksheets, Grading: Student Interactive Notebook: SIN (100 points): Students will turn in all notes, worksheets, maps, vocab definitions, study guides and other assignments together 3 x throughout each semester. Mrs. Cooke will collect and grade the SIN based on punctuality, completeness, organization, correctness, visual appearance, originality, critical thinking, understanding, and exceeding standards. See Table of Contents on the board to check assignments. Current Events (25 points each): 1 per month, students analyze a news article students found relating a to class topic. Assessments : Cumulative Vocab tests (60 -180 points) : Matching Chapter Quizzes (20 -40 points): given at end of chapter to check vocabulary and understanding, OPEN NOTE Projects (100 points) : Creative work and writing assignments outside of notebook assignments All assignments and Midterm/Final Exam (200 points): given at end of each semester assessments will be written on the whiteboard! There Grade Value What does the score mean? A 100 - 90 Advanced --- Exceeded standards is no excuse for missing B 89 - 80 Proficient --- Met standards upcoming work or tests! C 79 -70 Basic --- Met most standards D Be prepared! 69 - 60 Below Basic --- Met few standards Stay informed! F 59 - 0 Far Below Basic --- Met few to no standards General Classroom Procedures: Absences: See the What did I Miss? binder in class for notes & assignments or check the class website (bonitahigh. net). This is your responsibility to find out. It also helps to notify Mrs. Cooke before if you know you will be absent so she can give you work ahead of time. If you are absent on the day of an exam, it is the students responsibility to schedule a time to come in to make it up (before school, or intervention). Restrooms & Drinking Fountain: Take care of these needs during passing period. DO NOT ask for a pass at the beginning (first 10 min) or ending of class (last 10 min) or while I’m teaching. You may bring a water bottle as long as it’s not a distraction. Tardies: Do not come to class late without a pass. You must be sitting in your assigned seat and have your materials ready BEFORE the bell or you will be marked tardy and receive a DETENTION. Arrival & Dismissal: End your personal conversations at the door. Once seated, get out your materials and write down the SWBAT of the day. There is absolutely NO talking at the beginning and ending of class. Before dismissal, pick up trash & materials and straighten desks & books. Do NOT pack up early, wait until Ms. Cooke has instructed you to do so. During Class: Listen and follow directions. Do not distract from teaching & learning. Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called on. Work silently during an “independent activity” and work cooperatively during “group work. ” Get permission to get out of your seat, don’t wander around the classsroom. Homework: Homework is given on a daily basis. All assignments are due at the beginning of class and will be stamped to show completeness. Late work is accepted for everything, but will be marked down 10% for each day it is late, unless there was an excused absence. Contact me if needed. Disciplinary Consequences: Classroom Rules: 1. verbal warning, 2. isolated seating 1. Be respectful and polite towards yourself and others 2. Be prepared for class every day 3. after school detention 4. phone call to parent 3. Be in your assigned seat with supplies out when the bell rings 5. rapid exit/referral 4. Raise your hand wait to be called on to talk. 5. Stay focused, positive, and on task **loss of school privileges, and additional assigned 6. No food or drink inside the classroom, except water tasks, may occur in combination with any 7. Follow all school rules (no electronics out unless told otherwise) consequences listed above. Please cut on the dotted line, sign, and return tomorrow. Print student’s first, middle, and last name: ________________________ Parents, please initial one of the following: ____ I give my child permission to view PG-13 rated US History videos for the purpose of enrichment and providing visual examples of events in US History. ____ I do not give my child permission to view PG-13 rated US History videos and understand that my child will be sent to the library or another classroom to do an alternative assignment. We have read and understand the information regarding United States History class and promise to have a great school year. Student Signature & Date__________________________ Parent e-mail address and/or phone number: __________________________