Скачать презентацию 你的終身學習伙伴 Your lifelong learning partner Value Investing Theories Скачать презентацию 你的終身學習伙伴 Your lifelong learning partner Value Investing Theories


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你的終身學習伙伴 Your lifelong learning partner Value Investing: Theories and Practices 價值投資法:理論與實踐 Reg iste r 你的終身學習伙伴 Your lifelong learning partner Value Investing: Theories and Practices 價值投資法:理論與實踐 Reg iste r Inta for Ju n k Jun Cour e NO e 200 se e 6 6 W b 06 egins (Tu esd ay) , 20 In collaboration with Quam Group School code : 102 Course Coordinator: Mr. Ricky Chung, CFPCM, CFA, MHKSI (Email: [email protected] edu. hk ) CEF Course Code : 23 C 03326 -5 Programme Features Objectives • Currently the only course available in the market that • Acquire a good foundation of fundamental provides both classroom sessions and financial research tools via an online platform, Quamnet. com • Course includes online financial research services and tools provided by Quamnet. com • Taught by experienced financial experts drawn from Quam Group (3 lessons) and other finance professionals appointed by Li. PACE, OUHK (7 lessons) • A “Certificate of Completion” will be issued by Li. PACE to those who have successfully passed all the course assessments and have at least 70% attendance analysis in investments • Understand the insightful implications from conducting an in-depth financial ratio analysis • Acquire solid and practical knowledge and skills in valuing securities Course Outline • Fundamental analysis (6 hours) • Financial ratio analysis (9 hours) Medium of Instruction • Securities valuation (9 hours) Cantonese supplemented with English ( Course materials are in English ). • Investment strategies (6 hours) Admission Policy This programme is open to everyone. However, applicants are advised that they may find the course difficult if they do not have a recognized degree or a diploma. Application Procedure Please send the following in person or by mail to Li. PACE: • A completed Enrollment Form obtainable from Li. PACE website or admission office, and Assessment There is only continuous assessment for this course. It can be in the form of assignment, case study, simulation game, quiz, etc. Course Fee HK $4, 980 ( A maximum of 80% course fee is reimbursable under CEF) Plus a HK$1, 000 reimbursement from Quam for students who complete the course and subscribe to a 12 -month Quam Financial Advisory service. Terms and conditions apply. • A cross cheque payable to “The Open University of Hong Kong”. Duration 30 Hours (10 lessons) Commencement Date 6 June 2006 (Tuesday) (6: 45 pm – 9: 45 pm)

Guest Speakers from Quam Group Mr. Vincent LAM Siu Yeung 林少 陽先生 (Director of Guest Speakers from Quam Group Mr. Vincent LAM Siu Yeung 林少 陽先生 (Director of Quam Asset Management) Mr. Lam is the Director and fund manger of Quam Asset Management. He has a track record in managing a number of funds and portfolios with an overwhelming performance: • The “Quam Equity Growth Fund” under his management achieved a growth of over 71% of its NAV since the fund launched in July 2002. • Small-cap Portfolio, Small-cap Portfolio 2001 and Real Money Portfolio 2002 beat the Hang Seng Index by 80%, 49%, 38% after launching in Dec 1999, Jan 2001 and Nov 2001, respectively and yielded absolute returns of 45%, 17%. Besides, Mr. Lam heads up management for two funds namely “Quam Value Fund” and “Quam Greater China Fund”, tapping regional investment opportunities. Mr. Henry CHAN Chi Sheung 陳亨利 先生 (Head of Research, Quam (I. A. ) Ltd. ) Mr. Chan is the Head of Research and leads the Quam Research team specializing in the analysis of Hong Kong stock market and listed companies. Mr. Chan graduated from Queen's University in Canada with a bachelor and a master degree. He is the Head of Research at Quam (I. A. ) Limited. Since 2001, Mr. Chan has been writing a column “Value Investment” on the widely acclaimed Hong Kong Economic Journal. He also contributes an investment column to the South China Morning Post, and appears on TVB, ATV, Benchmark Magazine, Quam Securities and Midland Wealth Management from time to time. See what students from previous intakes said: “I will recommend my friends to take this course, I am not a B. A. graduate, and lack of knowledge to select a stock. The course really gives me a lot of background knowledge to choose a good stock. ” - Ms M. Wong “Tools are very useful especially Quam Stock Library because all financial ratios are readily available. All important figures on the annual report are extracted for easy viewing. ” - Mr. Douglas Ma “Lecturer provides a very good and practical hints on the use of information & researches reports from various sources. I will recommend this course to my friends because value investing is useful, meaningful, and important. ” - Mr. Martin Leung “I like the practical aspect and the exercises were useful in putting what has been learnt together. ” - Mr. Adrian Wong “I think the tools Quam Financial Advisory and Quam Stock Library are useful and beneficial. I enjoy seeing more viewpoints from other people and experts. It is valuable to have a quick glance at stocks that may be good to invest. ” - Mr. K. L. Yuen “I like the section of the analysis of annual report; the teacher provides his precious experience on how to focus on the key point. And the other section that I like most is how to calculate the value stocks from the view of a professional investor. ” - Mr. Joseph Wu Venue Li. PACE or other venue. Enquires Tel: 3120 9988 Fax: 2381 8456 Email: [email protected] edu. hk Website: www. ouhk. edu. hk/lipace Address: 4/F, Shun Tak Centre, 168 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong. Counter Service Hours: 9: 00 am – 8: 00 pm (Mon-Fri); 9: 30 am – 5: 00 pm (Sat) 200606