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About us… Punjab Communications Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of telecommunication and About us… Punjab Communications Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of telecommunication and IT equipment and solutions in India. Its diverse product range covers voice/data multiplexers, radios, optical/transmission, VSAT, switching equipment, PLCC, power plants, networking, broadband equipment and services. It caters to the growing telecommunications, networking and broadband needs of major organizations and service providers in the country including BSNL, MTNL, railways, power sector, private service operators, corporates etc. INFRASTRUCTURE Puncom is an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company and has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spread over 1, 90, 000 sq. feet in Mohali, Chandigarh. It has capital equipment worth Rs 20 Cr and net worth of Rs 130 Cr. The company has highly skilled staff of 400 employees including more than 200 engineers. Company Profile Puncom works in Mohali, India. PROJECTS Puncom has a strong projects division to handle large turnkey projects involving installation, commissioning and maintenance. It has nationwide sales and service network and widespread logistic support. Over a period of last two decades, it has supplied telecom equipment worth about 2000 Cr and is still being supported. It has a well-established repair center equipped with all modern diagnostic and repair tools. TECHNOLOGY Puncom has a well-equipped product design facility including PCB designing up to 16 layers, mechanical workshop for prototyping with CNC machines and environmental and vibration test facility. The company also has a strategic tie-ups with worldrenowned telecom majors like Alcatel, Alstom, Motorola, Rectifier Technologies, and Micronet for technology and product solutions. SOFTWARE DIVISION Puncom’s software division offers consultancy and outsourced services in customized projects in various domains like telecom, embedded software, DSP, networking and network management, Web-based solutions in J 2 EE, . Net, Oracle and other databases. It also provides career oriented training courses for students and professionals. RESOURCES Puncom has always strived to provide technologically superior high quality products and services and sinception in 1981 has developed a strong brand image among a vast clientele of bulk telecom users. Puncom has considerable strength and resources in terms of infrastructure, technical expertise and sound financials and given its experience it has necessary strength to undertake large projects.

Our products… OPTICAL and MUX EQUIPMENT PUNCOM has a vast experience in manufacturing wide Our products… OPTICAL and MUX EQUIPMENT PUNCOM has a vast experience in manufacturing wide range of optical systems and Voice/Data multiplexers. Till date it has supplied more than 7500 Nos of Optical Line voice/data Equipments, 200 K trunks of DTL and Trans Mux, and 225 Nos of voice/data Mux to major operators of India. It has a rich experience in executing turnkey projects for Indian railways to establish their nationwide optical backbone for broadband services using STM 1/4/16 equipment. SWITCHING EQUIPMENT PUNCOM has been the largest supplier of C-DOT technology based switching equipment. It manufactures switching equipment like AN-RAX, SBM, MAX-L, MAX-XL etc. and has supplied more than 2000 K lines to BSNL/DOT. It also has a 500 line Electronic Private Automatic Exchange (EPAX) VSS 2100 specifically designed to meet the Power Sector requirements of which more than 200 have been supplied to Power Grid and various State Electricity Boards. POWER LINE CARRIER COMMUNICATION (PLCC) PUNCOM is one of Product Profile the largest manufacturers of PLCC equipment in India and has supplied more than 1500 PLCC systems to PGCIL and to almost all state electricity boards across the country. It also has successfully executed a large number of networking projects for them. RADIO/ VSAT EQUIPMENT PUNCOM has a vast experience in manufacturing and supplying wide range of Radio communications equipment like MCPC VSAT equipment supporting voice/data/internet, TDMA point to multipoint radios in 1. 5 GHz band, Point to point radios 7 GHz/34 Mbps and 2 GHz/8 Mbps, burst and continuous satellite modems, RFTs etc to various users in India. POWER PLANTS PUNCOM manufactures 48 V power plants of various capacities for use in telecom and data networks. The basic Switch Mode Rectifier module SMR 48 V/ 33 A provides up to 33 Amp of output current into a nominal 48 V system. Standard configurations come in 2+1, 3+1 and so on upto an ultimate capacity of 462 Amps from 15 modules in two 19” racks. SMR modules are also available in 48 V/25 Amp configuration meeting TEC and RDSO specifications. ENTERPRISE NETWORKING PRODUCTS PUNCOM offers a broad range of enterprise networking solutions including LAN switches, hubs, Wireless LAN, Broadband wireless, IP Telephony, and other networking solutions for large and medium enterprises, ISPs, corporates, institutions and SOHO markets etc. BROADBAND EQUIPMENT PUNCOM also provides wired broadband access network equipment in India. A cost effective, versatile wired access solution to meet the growing broadband demands for the subscribers of service provider is available. Punjab Communications Limited. B-91, PH-VIII, Industrial Area, S. A. S Nagar (Punjab)160059 India Phone: +91 -172 -2237101 (9 lines) Fax: +91 -172 -2237125, 2237126 Email: [email protected] com http: //www. puncom. com © 2004 Punjab Communications Ltd. All rights reserved.